Love Before First Sight

Love Before First Sight
by Jerome Placido

Ever heard of the phrase, "Love at First Sight." Well I don't believe in it. But my reasoning is probably not the same as a lot of other people. At least with the way I'm going about finding "the one," the idea of "Love at First Sight" isn't an option.

Before we get into that, let me lay the ground work. Think for a second as a Catholics, what we believe. We believe in God, and that He is all knowing and all loving. We also believe that before we were born, He had for us a plan to teach us how to love Him here on earth so that we could eventually do so eternally. In that plan He displays more of His great love by also intertwining our lives with others, and if we are meant Married life, he molds our other halves in a way that through and with them we become better people.

Breathe… Take a second and read that last paragraph again. Let it sink in… (I'll wait)

Think about it, God has designed for you, if you're meant for Married life, an individual who, before you were created, you were destined to love, protect, care for. A person not only united in a divine plan to love together, but to suffer and strive together, to become one and spring forth from that beautifully designed love, new life.

When I first heard this and truly prayed and meditated about it, the only word that came to my head was, "wow…" It wasn't enough but that's all that could come out. How should this affect us here and now, if we haven't met Mr. or Mrs. Right? Now back my first few sentences and the concept of "Love at First Sight." If we take on this mentality then that basically means we love now, not when we meet them.

That's right, because the people we are later on is built upon the people we allow ourselves to be now. Even more importantly consider the glue of any relationship, God, and by strengthening our relationship with Him now strengthens our relationship with our spouse to be later on. The idea has the contagious possibility to affect everything you do and to do so in a positive way especially in how we approach looking for him/her. Loving my spouse now means being true to her now, and working so that the life I live now prepares myself to love her.

God provides us with all the grace to do this and more all we have to do is pray, remain faithful to Him and without a doubt He will take care of us.

The following was something I wrote in adoration while thinking about this post:

My Love,

I can't express enough how much I desire to be exactly what you deserve because God has not made me for myself, but for you. With that in mind all that I do until the day we are together is to make myself a better man, so that in the future I can be a better husband and a better father. I can't wait to share laughs, smiles, and tears together, but most importantly to be able to share with you moments in thanksgiving to God for giving us the amazing gift of each other and what ever our love may produce. But until the day we meet at the altar, I continue to pray to God for you, that He may guide you and protect you so that one day, we may both kneel at that altar and have Him unite us both.

I love you.



Just a side note: As beautiful the thought of God planning our future spouse for us, there are those with an equally if not more beautiful calling to Religious Life/Priesthood, or Single Blessedness. Seek a good Spiritual Director to help you discern the Will of God for you.